Corruption- Is there a cure?

When I was a kid, I had a completely different perspective on life. For a start, I believed that one man could make a difference. That, one person could take on the rest of the world and come out triumphant if he/she had the right ideas and the intentions. But, along the line as I began to understand the finer nuances of life, I buried the thought deep inside my mind. I became convinced that if you decided to take on the system all by yourself, eventually the world would conspire to put you in your place- down in the dumps!

That thought played an instrumental part in moulding my present day outlook on politics, on corruption – which I consider a deadly tumour that spreads voraciously onto even the most learned man. I, like billion others, resigned myself to the fact that corruption is incurable, and that it is fatal to the growth of the nation. Brought up in the streets of Bihar amidst the darkest of days, I knew the harsh realities of politics and the murky impact it has upon the common man’s life. Come 2006, things began to change- a certain Mr. Kumar rose to prominence, mostly due to the anti-incumbency factor and not necessarily his election campaign- and he showed us all that one man can indeed make a difference! A harbinger of change, Nitish vowed to revamp the entire dynamics- and my word, did he manage it in style.

I am no ardent follower of politics, nor do I follow the latest events closely- in fact I generally remain impervious to it all. However, this time the headlines grabbed my attention, for a change. Ramdev might not be a saint after all. He might even be doing all this just to gain political leverage, or to build a greater fan base. But, it does not change the fact that corruption is being exposed. He, alongside Anna Hazare has managed to stir up the masses in a bid to fight corruption. The greatest weapon in a democracy is AWARENESS- and once the public, on a large scale, realizes that they are being bamboozled – they will revolt, they will fight, and they will ultimately bring the throne down.

Suddenly, the old thought came rushing back into my mind- Yes, there is an answer to corruption! It requires just one man dynamic enough to take on the government, and if he has the right intentions, the public will rally behind him to put an end to the atrocities levied upon them, albeit only temporarily. It may not be Ramdev or Hazare to bring about the change that they seek, but for now the future looks bright- Lust may just have caught up with corruption at last!




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