Ten Things You Should Not Do As a Fresher, all of which we unfortunately did!

1. Do not get under the skin of that petty little lab assistant. When the time for Viva comes, he will make sure to return the favor in kind!

2. Do not hit your class-mate, that too a girl in the face, with a football. You will have to give her a treat in the college cafeteria (Mech-C) with all the money that you have, even the bus ticket change. (PS: She may never be the same again)

3. Do not make the mistake of venturing into some widely publicized lecture in the auditorium. Once you enter, all you can think about is how to get out. And of course, do not ask the lecturer some question, you are only making it worse for the rest of the frustrated people in there.

Be the jerk you want to be!

4. Do not sign up for that joke-of-a-club IEEE (no offence), don’t go by their creative advertisements. All you will get for Rs.1200 is free t-shirts every year in fest and some commendable fieldwork. [Read: Pick up the chairs, put them someplace else (Sir, how about your head?)]

5. Do not be late for the Freshers’ Night, go and occupy the front seats! You may get bored to death for a couple of hours, but the Fashion show at the end will be worth the wait.

6. Do not fill the hostel form incorrectly, consult the seniors first. Or, you might have to spend the rest of your entire semester in the Hostel Office, fighting your case, chasing after You-Know-Who.

7. If you are late for a class by an hour and fifteen minutes, Do not ask the teacher for permission. (I didn’t actually, and as a matter of fact, I successfully managed to get the attendance after 5 minutes)

8. Do not think of new ways to propose the girl of your dreams. Just go ahead and do it. Else, in a few days time, you will see her walking hand-in-hand with another guy, who is in fact a bigger jerk than yourself. Girls are not necessarily known for their decision-making, you see.

9. Do not forget to slip a copy of a medical certificate under the door of every damn teacher in the building, right before the exams, irrespective of whether he/she teaches you or not.

10. Do not go up to your parents with the original mark-sheet from the college. In case, you need help editing a pdf, duly contact the undersigned!





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