My sister- my strength, my weakness!

This piece is for my beautiful sister, who has been an inspiration, a mentor, and my best friend for much of my twenty years of life.  

If I ever needed to, I would move mountains for you;

I would change the direction of rivers, if you wanted me to.

Because, you were there for me when I was down and dusted;

The prettiest woman alive!

You were there when I felt gutted.

You would laugh, when I laughed;

You would cry, when I cried.

You have been like a friend I’ve never had;

You have been like a mentor I’ve always had.

You give me the strength to fight, you inspire me to always be right;

Wherever I may be, you will always be in my sight.

We have shared some of the most beautiful moments in life;

We have survived amidst the harshest of currents, between all the strife.

Hence the truth be told;

My sister, you are my favorite person in this world! Behold!




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