“Your time will come.” I have reassured myself with this for so long now, that my patience currently veers upon thin ice. As I am forced to question myself, “When?” I, hereby, humbly, accept my defeat! I have lost the battle and the war!

O Lord! Thou art sly, thou art shrewd.

Bestow me a heart, and ask me to think wilt my mind.

Claimest thou that I am thy son.

Yet, treat me like any other man and woman.

Why not thou comest down to console me?

If special I am, then show me!

He hath told me. Thy lord is a myth.

Thou art a child of man.

I believed him not. My father, a god.

Goddess is my mother, spoke I.

Lord! Trapped within me, the heaviest of weights

O, teach me how to liberate my fading soul.

Rid my fears, purge my emotions.

Lest I lose my faith, help thy prodigal son.

A peaceful life is all I seek.

Towards bliss. Away from all this noise.

Give me strength my Lord

To fight for what is rightfully mine.

I know thou lovest me wilt all thy might

I thereby, kneel before thee, awaiting thy signs!

PS: Please pardon me for any grammatical mistakes. I am not all that familiar with the style. 



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