God is shrewder than you give him credit for. Let me show you how.

Very long time ago, out of sheer  boredom, God rose forth and carved the universe out of thin air. He looked around, but he was not yet amused. He then went on, and gave life to a species known as human beings. He kept a close watch on the proceedings as people lived in peace, discovering and exploring the secrets of this mystical world, called the earth. It still wasn’t enough for his amusement, so God went one step further and he gave the human beings his latest invention, the heart. In other words, he gave them emotions, he gave them love. And that is where our story begins.

Life is but a game of chess, and you are but a pawn.

Love was a transcedental feeling. It gave human beings a sense of purpose, a branding of being different, it taught them how to care for one another. But as people fell in love, they also began to learn how to hate. Men bickered amongst themselves, and women conspired against one another. Envy, distrust, malice began to emerge from the shadows, as innumerable wars were fought, and countless lives were sacrificed. People experienced pain, they experienced grief.

Coupled with the prowess of the brain, and the indecision of the heart, humans were now just pawns. Or more aptly nuclear bombs, waiting to be ticked off, waiting to be manipulated with. And, that is

Murderers - more common than you would think!

exactly what happened, as men and women toyed with the emotions of other men and women, driving them to extents they had never been capable of. They killed cold-bloodedly, they tortured mercilessly, as mankind slowly drifted towards the veil of darkness, towards the very end. Soon enough, came a time when the world only had murderers and dacoits as its inhabitants. Some people still dared to be different, to stand up, but they were slaughtered down like guinea pigs. They fought amongst themselves, until not a man remained alive, until not a single soul survived!

To think that it all began with one heart, with the feeling of love! It was a stroke of genius, in one move, God had very conveniently designed for himself a game of chess. Only, there was to be no winner, for he had rigged the game to his own ends. He watched as his one invention drove the other to its demise. And then, out of sheer boredom, he again rose forth and carved out a new even more interesting game for himself.



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