Ten Common Notions People Have About Other People

Human beings are often quick to pass judgment, to brand people, to form notions about them without ever giving them a chance to prove otherwise. In a world where every single person considers himself/herself as the centre stage, here are some common notions we come across in daily life.

1)      If someone is ridiculing India and Indian practices, he must be one of those wannabe Hollywood fanatics who is a tool at heart-

Have you stopped to consider for even a moment that he might actually be genuinely concerned about the country and wants to see it rise from the abyss it currently lies in? Criticizing things may not be the answer but then, neither is appreciation of things that don’t deserve it.

2)      If someone does not reply to your SMS or call, he/she is ignoring you intentionally-

Well, this notion might be true if you are the ‘irritating-as-hell’ kind, but if not, there is no reason to assume that you are being ignored, for in the speed of the modern world, it is easy to forget. Oh, and by-the-way, if you are a stalker, I suggest you be prepared to hear a mouthful of abuses sometime soon.

3)      A good-natured person is always naive and can be exploited-

Contrary to beliefs, good-natured people have an icy resolute determination. You would be naïve to think you can just take advantage of them and get away with it. Because folks, they may not be willing to get their hands dirty, but as has been proven again and again, Karma is a bitch and it may just return to bite you in the ass someday!

4)      If a girl is over-friendly with many guys, she must be a you-know-what-

Guys already know what I am talking about. Girls, eavesdrop on your friends sometime, you will know what I am talking about. So, for your kind information, no she is not! She is just genuinely friendly by nature. Can’t you just accept the fact? And what about you? When you are flirting with numerous girls simultaneously, does that not make you a something-like-that too?

When people run in circles, it's a very very mad world

PS: Dear Such-girls, the guys you are hanging with are thinking the exact same thing. They are no exception.

5)      No matter what, as long as it isn’t you, the guy that your friend/ex-girlfriend/ crush/some-hot-chick is dating must be either a schmuck or a dickhead!

Well, let’s give the benefit of the doubt to you here, because there is no shortage of pigs out there, and because ‘being the better man’ has never been the strongest quality of men. But, an unbiased and unprejudiced judgment on your part would be the key to how your own future endeavors shape up. Remember, acceptance is the first and last step to closure.

6)      The guy you’ve been seeing, he must have some deep dark secret, that you wish to unravel-

Don’t you think somewhere inside him, he has that ‘repressed eternal love’ that you seek? Don’t you think if you persist, someday he will open his heart out to you and tell you, what you wanted to hear all along? You may just be in for a surprise, for a break-up may be faster on the cards than the love manifestation. Free advice: Stick to those who show it on the outside than those who might never have had it.

7)      One who is not the best is just like the rest-

You don’t have to get hired by Facebook, or earn an 80 lac odd package to be successful. Someone who earns a modest 5 lac per annum, but stands up for his values, cares about his family, and has his heart in the right place is infinitely more successful than say a business tycoon of a multi-billion-dollar company, who is a womanizer and is morally flawed.

8)      People are always out to betray you, to play with your emotions-

The thing is life in this twenty-first century is dominated by three things- motives, priorities, and destiny. Now, because people have so many different priorities these days, you are bound to get caught up in cross hairs sooner or later. Yes, there is a big herd of betrayers out there, but not everyone has the intentions of playing with your emotions.

9)      Looks are the sole criterion for judgment of people around you-

That is as shallow as it gets. Beauty never resides on the face; it always lies in the heart. Being mean and rude to people just because they don’t have charms to compare to yours is an appalling gesture on your part. Try to look beyond the physical perceptions, and you will see a whole new world out there.

10)   When people have wronged you once, they shall never change-

Everyone deserves a second chance. Even Harry Potter offered Lord Voldemort a chance for salvation. It happens to the best of us that we fail the people around us, we fail ourselves, but if one has true mettle, he/she will rise to the occasion and set it all right. For, life is a short river, and we need as many true friends as we can to sail the boat.   



  1. That is one well-written piece. I was relieved all through that there was hardly any stereotype reading which I was like, “OH! I used to think so too!”
    But the post should be read at least once by all, for better clarity of view-point, and a purification of the same for those who live with these notions. And the latter are so many in number, I swear.



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