The Psyche of a Rapist!

At a time when the country continues to reel with the after-effects of the brutal Delhi Gangrape case, there is an overwhelming feeling of connection with the word ‘rape’. While women associate themselves with the victim for the fear that it could actually have been them instead, men find themselves condemning it for the fear that the victim may have been someone they actually knew.

The potential rapist, on the other hand, silently sits in his home sipping his tea, surfing through the newspaper. He reads numerous reports of rape in the country with a straight face, but what exactly is going inside his mind? Does he take it as a challenge to assert his dominance over the weaker sex? Or, is the thought of getting away with it in a flawed system such as ours too exhilarating for him to not pursue? Is the rapist simply a brute, who just happened to be in the wrong situation, and a moment of craziness overpowered him? Maybe, he is just a pervert. Maybe, he is not. Maybe, his primal urges have taken control of him. Perhaps, he is trying to be cool, or perhaps, a screw inside his head has gone awry. It’s quite a question to mull upon- Who exactly is a rapist?

Murder, child labour, women abuse - biggest headaches for the Government. Is India's Doomsday approaching too? Or is it already here?

Murder, child labour, women abuse – biggest headaches for the Government. Is India’s Doomsday approaching too? Or is it already here?

Dwelling upon this question might seem insignificant right now, but this is what will eventually give us the solution to this menace. You just have to take up the newspaper and surf through the pages, and after looking at so many reports of rape, the common man simply gets tired of reading it, deciding that he/she should look after his/her own friends and family rather than trying to fight for the justice of so many victims. Is the Police incapable of doing its job? Or, have these incidents simply affected the minds of such potential rapists more adversely than the common man? Maybe, rape is viewed by these men not as a taboo or a crime anymore, but as an adventure sport, one that has a lot of thrill and adrenaline rush. To put things into context, a potential rapist does not really see rape as a crime or a moral dilemma, it has become simply like a banned drug – illegal and punishable, but an exotic experience that must be tried. Neither is he afraid of the law, nor does he in his own mind recognize sexual harassment as a wrongdoing. He thinks that whatever he wants, he can get it by force, a symbolic representation of his masculinity. Women are simply the accessory to his salvation, the ultimate sin, the pinnacle of his sexual moksha! This rapist psyche, deranged as it may sound, is an infectious disease, which is spreading through the entire country like an epidemic. It makes one wonder that are we inadvertently sensationalizing rape by letting it run rampant in a country with a billion people. Is our inability to control the menace going to have far longer reaching consequences than we can envisage? Are we heading towards a failed state, where our famed culture and ethics are nowhere to be found?

So, how exactly do we bring this change in mentality of a billion people? No, anger is not the solution, not at the rapist, nor the Government. One must take up the responsibility of affecting the mentality of those around him/her to reinforce the status of rape as a diabolical crime. We must identify those around us that might seem vulnerable to fall to the whims of this plague. We must try to cure them, we must try to help them, by teaching them to find it within themselves to overpower the primal urges of testosterone. Man has shown himself capable of change in the past, and nothing can affect the mentality of a person like the kind of people he/she hangs out with. Like Gandhi has said over and over again, if you see some darkness in someone, don’t run away. Try to mould their minds to see the ill-fate that befalls such a man. I reiterate, help these potential rapists get back on the right track. At least until they have actually gone ahead and done the unthinkable!


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