Beware: Creeps & perverts live among us

They have no labels to identify them, and they come with no warning signs. Instead, they lurk in the shadows, hide behind familiar faces, and wait patiently for that one opportunity to make their move. No, there is no science to identify a creep or a pervert, but make no mistake, they are real and they do live amongst us.

This article is inspired by a true event. A friend of mine recently confided in me about her story and wanted to share it with the world. It started with one message. It seemed like a normal conversation between an employee and her boss. He asked her to stay back in office, as he had something important to discuss with her. Naive and unsuspecting, little did she expect what came next. In that isolated dark corridor, he imposed himself on her then and there. 

In the coming days, he was sending her lewd messages, calling her throughout the day, asking her to spend the night at his place. From threatening her to manipulating her to assaulting her, the man who works at a hugely popular corporate firm had used her, abused her and would have continued to do so had she not stood up against him and fought back. 

It’s not an isolated event either. At least three women I know have shared incidents of molestation as children, and several others have encountered running into perverts and stalkers, sometimes as strangers and sometimes as boyfriends. What makes these people highly dangerous is their ability to blend into the surroundings like normal, sometimes even charismatic men. They seem like ordinary men and might even fool you to be good men at times.

The other quality that makes these ruthless serial perverts dangerous is their rugged determination in pursuing their “prey”. Once a creep has his eyes set on you, he’ll go to any and every length to get in your pants. At times, he’ll pretend to be a gentleman, one genuinely concerned about you. He’ll pretend to be your best friend and make a move when you are at your most vulnerable. If that doesn’t work out, he’ll use his position of power or influence over you.

And if that also does not yield, he’ll go route one and outright threaten or blackmail you with information you only shared with him. He’ll stalk you through hundred different mediums, he’ll get information on you from your closest people, he’ll use your biggest vulnerabilities against you. But most importantly, if you let him, he’ll break you beyond repair.

So why am I telling you all this? Because, you need to be prepared for what’s out there. The onus is on you to protect yourself from these despicable men. They are experts at hiding their true faces and presenting a facade to the world. The onus is on you to unraveling their truth and keeping them at bay. For all the honourable men reading this, it is your responsibility too to protect the women in your life from these creeps.

To the women who have suffered at the hands of these pedophiles, stalkers, and abusers, remember – you were not the first and you will not be the last. So, stand up for yourself today and take the fight back to them. Tell others about the kind of men they were, scream about it if you have to to anyone and everyone so that no one else should suffer what you did.



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