Those Eyes

Those eyes…

Those eyes that know what love is,

Look around, searching where beauty is.

Amidst flight of birds, they chirp with glee.

And stare in amazement at vibrant trees.

On lakes, in rivers, they glimpse the water sway,

Through happiness and laughter, in their own mysterious way,

They see all the beauty of this world,

But, where there is beauty, can hatred be far behind?


Those eyes that know what love is,

In the sea of hatred, have not hated once.

When death comes to those they love,

They die several deaths, at hands of the man above.

They have seen the face of contempt,

Yet for all still behold respect.

When words hold no meaning,

And trust has no bearing,

Those eyes still know how to love.

As teardrops trickle down through empty space,

And pain stings in its mysterious ways,

Those eyes still love, those eyes still live, those eyes still see…



“Your time will come.” I have reassured myself with this for so long now, that my patience currently veers upon thin ice. As I am forced to question myself, “When?” I, hereby, humbly, accept my defeat! I have lost the battle and the war!

O Lord! Thou art sly, thou art shrewd.

Bestow me a heart, and ask me to think wilt my mind.

Claimest thou that I am thy son.

Yet, treat me like any other man and woman.

Why not thou comest down to console me?

If special I am, then show me!

He hath told me. Thy lord is a myth.

Thou art a child of man.

I believed him not. My father, a god.

Goddess is my mother, spoke I.

Lord! Trapped within me, the heaviest of weights

O, teach me how to liberate my fading soul.

Rid my fears, purge my emotions.

Lest I lose my faith, help thy prodigal son.

A peaceful life is all I seek.

Towards bliss. Away from all this noise.

Give me strength my Lord

To fight for what is rightfully mine.

I know thou lovest me wilt all thy might

I thereby, kneel before thee, awaiting thy signs!

PS: Please pardon me for any grammatical mistakes. I am not all that familiar with the style. 

My sister- my strength, my weakness!

This piece is for my beautiful sister, who has been an inspiration, a mentor, and my best friend for much of my twenty years of life.  

If I ever needed to, I would move mountains for you;

I would change the direction of rivers, if you wanted me to.

Because, you were there for me when I was down and dusted;

The prettiest woman alive!

You were there when I felt gutted.

You would laugh, when I laughed;

You would cry, when I cried.

You have been like a friend I’ve never had;

You have been like a mentor I’ve always had.

You give me the strength to fight, you inspire me to always be right;

Wherever I may be, you will always be in my sight.

We have shared some of the most beautiful moments in life;

We have survived amidst the harshest of currents, between all the strife.

Hence the truth be told;

My sister, you are my favorite person in this world! Behold!