# Recently, in an examination hall, this is what transpired. Female Invigilator 1: Blah, blah, blah, LOL! Female Invigilator 2: LOL, Blah, blah, blah! Meanwhile, ME: Umm…*&%@#$@#$@!

# Trying to reach the college on time, more so in winters, is like trying to find the backspace button on the typewriter. 

# Someone told me, “Dude, do you know love is dumb, deaf and blind?” And it struck me. “Darn! Manmohan Singh is in love!”

# Do you know the power of a woman? It took thousands of Britishers to enslave India, but just one Italian woman to do the same.

# So, I just switched on my Windows XP computer, and it displayed the following message (no kidding), “Keyboard not present. Please press F1 to continue.”

# Theorem: No matter what or how much you study beforehand for a viva, when the examiner asks you a question, you shall remember only three letters – WTF!

# I really miss the good old days, when after an exam, I would confidently say, “Arrey, paas toh ho hi jaunga!”

# The teacher teaches us that there was a guy named Albert Einstein. We study that he was some kick-ass physicist, who did some bunch of stuff on light and time. By the time of exam, we remember Einstein had something to do with science!
And, the question paper asks us: Define, derive and prove the validity of the relativity formula. 

# Guess what- FIITJEE is short form of Forum for IITJEE. I always assumed that the F stood for something else.

# Life is all about priorities.
Start of semester – ‘Yaar, is baar sab classes attend karni h, first bench par baithna h, aur khoob number laana h.’
Two months later- ‘Yaar, detention na aa jaye. Medical ka jugaad karna padega.’
End of semester- ‘Yaar, meri toh back pakki h. Tu toh padh le!’



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